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Music Ways to Walk, Spring Stroll
This month - as spring slowly arrives - we decided it was time to get back outdoors, and get a new perspective on walking with our friend, illustrator and writer, Alice Stevenson.


"In my book 'Ways to Walk in London', I documented, the process of exploring my hometown on foot. From the far reaches of canals and rivers, to historic churchyards and back streets, I wandered and became fascinated by incidental details; textures in the paving stones, reflections in windows, the patterns made by lit , tower block windows at night. I wrote about and illustrated those moments of beauty and urbanity, contemplation and revelation.


The relationship between my inner world and my surroundings are a key aspect of my creative practice; how we all have our own, very personal versions of a city. Walking whilst listening to music is one of my favourite past times because I love how, whatever you are listening to combines with the atmosphere of where you are, creating an entirely personalized journey.


Berlin is one of my favourite walking cities. It has such rich and varied atmospheres and it combines bleakness and warmth in a really interesting way. There are so many mysterious details everywhere to become mesmerized by. I created this playlist as a potential soundtrack for a long, late afternoon/ early evening wander around Berlin in the springtime, just making up the route as you go along, as the shadows grow longer and evening descends. The playlist is designed to be an atmospheric and emotional journey; to mirror the way on an epic city walk, your inner state continuously alters and unfolds, with every corner you turn."


Ways to Walk in London is available to buy here.