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Levain Berlin

Beats on a Train
Everything Will Be Noble

Music Valentine's Day Playlist by Einhorn Condoms

With the most loving of the love days upon us, we knew there was only one gang we could ask to make our February playlist: Einhorn - purveyors of only the finest fairest vegan-est condoms. And in true Einhorn fashion, they rose to the occasion (pun most definitely intended). Their playlist is split into three distinct parts for your Valentine’s pleasure. Tracks 1-4 are the “Freshly in Love” songs for you to feel all those butterflies and bounce around on cloud nine. Tracks 5-8 are your “Getting it on Dance” songs. Time to get into the music and channel all your sexual intentions into an alluring interpretive dance for your lover! The remaining tracks 9-11 are reserved for after you’ve sealed the deal and worked your magic. These are the “After Orgasm” selection.

As the Einhorn-ies always say #makemagichappen!