In 1995, Rajana was founded as a social enterprise in Cambodia: A country that has been ravaged and impoverished by decades of civil war and the Khmer Rouge regime during the twentieth century. Starting to recover from these shattering times, Cambodia still remains one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. Along with textiles and ceramics, Rajana's artisans are manufacturing a very special collection of jewellery: Bombshells remaining from the civil become stunning pieces of art. Each ring symbolizes this transformation of something lethal into a something beautiful – into a brighter future.

Maintaining Cambodian culture and tradition while heading towards a new Cambodian era, is essential to Rajana: Artisans are encouraged to apply the stories they learned as a child to their designs. Thus they are passing their own culture to younger generations as well as communities from all across the globe. Altogether Rajana ist working with around 100 home-based producing families spread all over Cambodia.